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Had three close games FIFA Coins On Sunday the Thunder evened the series with a fourth quarter devoid of mishaps The final score was Kevin Durant took over down the stretch and finished with a careerplayoffhigh Russell Westbrook struggled from the field but racked up assists Game is TuesdaySIGN UP FOR OUR NBA NEWSLETTERGet news links


and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning SWEPT AWAY Cleveland beat Atlanta to sweep the Hawks Praise be to Kevin Love The Cavaliers are in this postseason and are off until at least Sunday but possibly next TuesdayICYMI Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround covered Ty Lue's unleashing of the Cavaliers' full potentialON THE


AIR TONIGHT Raptors at Heat Game pm ET TNT TOR leads Warriors at Blazers Game pm TNT GSW leads JV GONE Jonas Valanciunas is out for the rest of the second round Hassan Whiteside meanwhile is daytoday But then aren't we allSTEPH Stephen Curry is listed at doubtful for Game in PortlandTHE KD FACTOR Andrew Keh on


the emotional and economic impacts  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins of Kevin Durant's ing free agency on Oklahoma CityUH WHAT Kyrie Iving glitching out in the corner Android AndroidINTERCEPTION Kawhi Leonard is basically a shutdown corner on inbounds plays Android AndroidPRIORITIES Kevin Love was glad Game didn't go to overtime because he wanted to be back

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Of this wild free agency FIFA Coins especially if his new deal winds up being for between and million a year as the majority of the NBA executives who spoke to Bleacher Report believeHoward remains one of the league's top rim protectors and defensive rebounders Only eight players receiving more than minutes of playing time reeled in a greater percentage of


opponents' misses last year per NBAcom The percent that opponents shot against Howard at the rim was one of the league's better marks Those are two skills that every team in the league could use They're antidotes to the increasing reliance on paceandspace offenseHoward isn't as limber as he once was but he's not completely helpless when


 asked to help out on the perimeter above the threepoint line eitherHe can't switch onto guards the way Tristan Thompson did against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals but if asked to drop back towards the foul line on screens with the guard trailing the ballhandler he and his team can stifle opposing pickandrolls by forcing tough midrange


jumpersThe bigger questions about Buy FIFA Mobile Coins  Howard come on offense Back when he was in Orlando Howard was one of the league's premier pickandroll big men Touches in the post were less important to himBut he's resisted playing that way a team official told Beck because someone somewhere or multiple people in his circle of influence have told him

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Free throws McRae FIFA Coins went of on Wednesday and is now of percent from the charity stripe That's an average of free throw attempts per gameSo the Cavaliers have been carried by this exciting onetwo punch and while they're a winnow team with little room to develop young players it's a good sign that the team at least has some prospects


 it might be able to work with other things we learnedThe Celtics go out with a bangBoston got knocked out by Cleveland in its elimination game on Wednesday but not before putting up some impressive highlights from its stars First there was firstround pick Terry Rozier who continues to look very good after an underwhelming rookie year


And then came No overall pick Jaylen Brown who has struggled with his shot but showed on this play some of the skills and athleticism that make him such an exciting prospectEven in a losing effort Brown had points and nine rebounds while Rozier added pointsBuddy Hield's inconsistent stay in Vegas comes to an endIf you looked only at the


counting stats Hield's four Summer  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins League games with the Pelicans were a success The No overall pick out of Oklahoma averaged points rebounds and assists per game looking like the lone bright spot on an otherwise dreadful summer squad Cheick Diallo was the only other player on the team to average more than points per game But as a result of

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Lakers as a chargeless  FIFA Coins abettor in or sooner it could acplish the agitation already and for allIn this StorystreamThe Washington Wizards accept acquired assets assiduously Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough from the Brooklyn Nets according to The Verticals Adrian Wojnarowski In exchange the Nets accept assets bouncer Marcus


 Thornton avantgarde Andrew Nicholson and the Wizards lotteryprotected firstround pickThe Nets were bent to accept a firstround aces in acknowledgment for Bogdanovic according to WojnarowskiThe move helps bank up the Wizards added assemblage as they attending to coalesce their continuing in the Eastern Conferences top half It aswell


provides the Nets a added firstround aces in s loaded draft admitting they will be affected to bandy their own with the Boston Celtics as a aftereffect of the Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce tradeBogdanovic is a bandage ballista and scorer averaging a bashful credibility on percent threepoint cutting for a leagueworst Nets aggregation Brooklyn replaces his


assembly with Thornton who is averaging  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins a careerworst credibility per game admitting heralded as able bank scorer for abundant of his NBA tenureWhat the Wizards getWashington has darted up the Eastern Appointment standings accepting won nine of its abide games but bank assembly has remained an issueThe Wizards affluence boilerplate

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Ball said Monday that he has been dealing with FIFA Mobile Coins Buy the injury for a while, and it "tightened up" after the second summer game. Like many young and carefree athletes before him, the Mavericks' top draft pick Dennis Smith Jr. tweeted some pretty stupid things back in his day.After Smith was drafted No. 9 overall in June, many of his old tweets were deleted quickly, including this NSFW gem.Turns out, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was the reason Smith scrubbed his Twitter clean.

And you know, one of the first things after we drafted Dennis, and I’m talking to him on the phone, I’m like, ‘Dude, I went through your Twitter account. It’s time to get on there and delete,’" Cuban told ESPN while at the Mavericks Summer League game Sunday.Fred Hoiberg is coming off a tough season coaching the Bulls, but he doesn't plan on returning to college basketball anytime soon.Hoiberg, who coached at Iowa State before heading to Chicago, stated Monday that there is one thing in college basketball that he may never miss."I hated recruiting," Hoiberg said, via Front Office Show's Keith Smith.

I absolutely f'ing hated recruiting. In the NBA it is just coaching. No other stuff. Just coaching."The Bulls made the playoffs last season, but lost in the first round. They have since traded away star forward Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves on draft day, and cut ties with Rajon Rondo.Hoiberg explained that he was not a big part of Chicago's draft-day moves, and he was fine with that."Coaches don't have a big influence on draft and shouldn't," Hoiberg said. "Scouts are watching and gathering information. Coach gets involved much later."(It's) Important that coaches and front office have a good working relationship.

They have to be on the same page with direction of franchise." Gordon Hayward's decision to join the Celtics over the Jazz came with a bit of controversy, namely from current and former Utah players.Trevor Booker, who currently plays power forward for the Nets, but spent two seasons with Hayward at Utah, took a shot at the new Celtics star."Gordon's a guy who doesn't really want to be the man,” Booker said, via The Salt Lake Tribune. "I'm not sure he wanted a franchise on his shoulders. Gordon's a great player, and one of the best players in the league. But I wasn't really surprised at Buy FIFA Mobile Coins his choice. I heard the rumors.

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Most likely, Stevens will need time and at least one FIFA Mobile Coins veteran hand on the bench to master the subtle arts of the NBA game. He'll have to adjust to the long schedule, the odd practice routines and the competing agendas and whims of pro players, who are much tougher to impress than college players.Stevens does come to the pro game equipped with tags like "wunderkind" and "boy genius" after leading mid-major Butler to back-to-back appearances in the national championship game.


As they say in the college game, "The man can coach," and he is also said to be heavily invested in analytics and a process-over-results approach that will play well with a like-minded front office and a rebuilding roster.He also seems to possess a calm sideline demeanor more attuned to the ups and downs of the pro game than so many of his collegiate brethren who thought they could bring fire and brimstone to the job and were left shaking their heads after discovering that was the absolute wrong idea.


Stevens isn't Rick Pitino and he's not John Calipari, who both stomped and fumed their way through unsatisfying ventures in the NBA. Coaching acumen isn't always the most important attribute for success in the NBA.


You need talent first and foremost, support from the front office and some measure of credibility before you can even begin to run a nifty set out of a timeout. With Ainge's backing and a long-term contract, he has two of the three already in place, which is a pretty good start.Talent is the issue for the Celtics right now, and while there are a handful of intriguing prospects and more on the way in the near Buy FIFA Mobile Coins future.