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there are more books written about other books than any other topic would have something to say about the nostalgia binge of the RS Gold last five years. In this light, it's exciting to hear about an atmospheric, thematically ambitious game that not only takes on the typical, if excellent, triumvirate of nostalgia, coming of age and fantasy, but does so with a clear consciousness of weightier issues, namely global poverty and the harm it wreaks on families."Richard Clark writes about having a disquieting


with the Kinect Fun Labs for KillScreen Magazine's blog.Reader Tom Kenny writes in to alert us to "a massive Quintin Smith-shaped hole in your curation. It's called "Journey of Saga", and it's still the best piece of games writing I've ever read". And he's right! We haven't linked to it before, possibly because it's a kinda weird and out there series, but hey, we know a lot of people (me included) like that kind of thing. So do set aside the hours to go RuneScape Gold read all seven (count 'em!) parts of


of Saga. It starts here, with a promise of 'Gaming's Citizen Kane'.Writing for the Pop Matters Moving Pixels blog, G Christopher Williams looks at clothing damage in games and how, well, 'Boys Get Naked Better than Girls' and Aaron Poppleton talks 'Agency and Narrative in Open World Games', inspired in part by Tom Bissell's piece of a few weeks ago on LA Noire.Speaking of LA Noire, the ever excellent Jonathan McCalmont talks about the game in his latest column for the


blog, in 'Pixel-Bitching: L.A. Noire and the Art of Conversation':"As a devotee of noir fiction and a long-time admirer of both James Ellroy's LA Quartet and Curtis Hanson's L.A. Confidential (1997), I was more than looking forward to Team Bondi's attempt to RSGOLE recreate 1950s Los Angeles using the Grand Theft Auto sandbox template. However, as soon as Ken Cosgrove was shoved into an interview room with a suspect and told to extract a confession, I knew that something was desperately

coax and push agents around the world to RuneScape Gold check that they don't suddenly behave strangely in one place.So the first obvious solution is to transpose one world into another: to visualize worlds that aren't usually visual. Many game engines do this: rendering all the physics polygons, or the AI's navigation mesh, as a translucent overlay over the regular visual world. Different colors are used to indicate different properties, such as "sticky" or "only traversable by crawling agents."Transposing


other worlds into the visual world is usually the RS Gold most convenient way to work, as we can gather a large amount of precise information quickly in that world, but it's not the only transposition available: we could use audio, too. Imagine making physics surfaces close behind the camera emit a low hum, so you can tell when the camera is backing into something without having to look at it. There are some interesting possibilities here for enabling game development for the visually impaired, too.


next solution is to try to ensure that all the worlds are being furnished with data from a common source. We can hand-craft collision and navigation meshes, but aside from the risk of human error, this is very prone to resynchronization ? someone changes the render mesh and doesn't update the collision mesh.Instead, we can seek to generate our collision and navigation meshes from our render meshes. Tools exist for this already: libraries like QHull can be used to generate simple convex


for collision, or more advanced tools like Simplygon can produce more accurate low-polygon meshes suitable for rsgole use in the physics world.For navigation meshes, the Recast toolkit is excellent (and free!). Depending on your game's needs, you'll likely need to write some custom analysis and generation methods, but existing tech can be used to provide a lot of the infrastructure for that.The most important thing, though, is to just be very clear about what the different worlds your game

we had done the game Cloud which was about sky; FlOw, which was about water, and Flower, which was about lands. We thought about, what else can we do?" The decision to set the game in the chameleonic desert ultimately came down to FIFA Coins Journey's primary directive: To create an online game where people could share the experience with one another. Although players can experience Journey effectively totally alone, ultimately the studio hopes that the multiplayer experience will


truly meaningful. It's the great age of connectivity, yet most online games are more like team sports, and Thatgamecompany was intrigued by the Buy FIFA Coins idea of an online game that was not a traditional empowerment fantasy, that wasn't about players using weapons or other powers upon one another. That singular goal drove all of the game's design decisions; the smooth backdrop of a desert would make it easier for players to focus on their fellows, rather than to become distracted by a


-busy environment.Journey's silent protagonist doesn't even have arms: "Arms might create the expectation of physical interaction or combat," co-founder Kellee Santiago explains. What the team wanted most was to create the sense of awe that comes with adventuring toward the unknown -- and to enhance the sense of loss and loneliness that might make players long to seek one another out and collaborate, even in a silent world where interaction is limited to musical "shouts


"Looking at photos of two people in a desert, I already [experience] a feeling of longing," says Chen. "But if eventually [players have] to go to the mountains, then a different terrain would happen." Thus one of the game's most fascinating achievements becomes the subtle and delicate transformation of desert land into so many visually distinct and often stunning arenas, using only color, light and the shapes of the crimson fabric that populates the world. "We're a very small team at

discount their consoles?The PS4 releases November 15, 2013 and the Xbox One releases November 22, 2013. IGN 'Grand Theft Auto Online' Update 1.05 Released; First Half of Stimulus This Week. As promised, a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online has been released; this one intended to fix players' missing progression and item problems. Players that boot up their copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be automatically prompted to RuneScape Gold download the update.We first caught word of the


 update over the weekend alongside the Buy RS Gold promise that the GTA Online Stimulus Package would finally be rolled out to players. And so, with the update arriving right on schedule, it's safe to assume the money shouldn't be far behind.That is, of course, assuming that this update fixes any missing progress problems. There's no point in gifting players free cash if the second they lose connection with the GTA Online cloud servers that the money goes missing.Luckily, those server connection problems


 are likely behind us thanks to this update. As Rockstar explains, the update includes a preventative measure that will protect players from losing their progress any time there are cloud connection problems. Similarly, a countermeasure, or actually a series of countermeasures, has been put in place to preserve players' cash balances.Built in measures to prevent users from losing their progress when there is a cloud outageBuilt in a number of measures to protect players’ cash balances


even if there are network problemsFixed an issue where on rare occasions during network problems the player could lose their Online vehicle or mods after exiting GTA Online It's certainly a smart move on Rockstar's part to make players' cash balances more secure, as there are microtransactions on the way. We've yet to hear when Rockstar plans to start allowing players to trade real cash for in-game cash, but first things first obviously.And speaking of in-game cash, it appears to

 Steam Machine would you choose it over other manufacturers' device? IGN There Won't Be Any Form of Multiplayer in RS Gold  'Alien: Isolation' . The Alien franchise is one that hasn't necessarily transferred well into the realm of video games, and fans of the films are understandably skeptical of any game-related announcements that tie into the series. Even with the lacklustre and critically shamed installment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines firmly in the books, the reveal trailer for


Alien: Isolation looks to at long last be the Cheap RuneScape Gold  game that consumers have been waiting for.While the initial trailer and leaked screenshots of the game make Isolation appear all the more tantalizing, Al Hope, the title's creative lead, has confirmed to Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the game will be very much a single player experience. As Hope explains, multiplayer in some form was something that him and the rest of his team at Creative Assembly did consider, but the studio opted to make


 the single player campaign the primary focus of the project. It’s very much about a single player experience. We did think about it, it’s not like we never considered it — and we had some pretty neat ideas around that. But for us the focus always was that single player experience. And I think because you have this dynamic alien and it’s about the player’s choices while they play it, it does mean that you can go back and try different stuff out. So I think there is a lot of scope to have


 players go back and do things differently. Multiplayer, if executed properly, can add replay value to a game after the solo campaign has been completed, but it sounds as if Creative Assembly is taking the right approach to a game based on the Alien franchise. From a design standpoint, there are an increased amount of cinematic and horror elements that can be implemented to immerse users when they experience a game by themselves, and it becomes much harder to do that effectively to

include an official tally for the <a href="">RS Gold</a> PS4. We do know that the Xbox One sold about 258,000 units, though, so its fair to assume Sony's console sales were somewhere in the 286,000 range.Also, since the disparity between PS4 and Xbox One was so close, Microsoft's next-gen console actually out earned Sony's. An extra $100 per unit makes a difference when things are so close.All told, hardware sales were up 42 percent from last year, while software sales were down about 9 percent. That should


of little consequence to Microsoft, though, as each Xbox One console sold carries an attach rate of about 2.75 games per console. And that number will likely jump up this month with Titanfall hitting.Clearly both Sony and Microsoft have plenty to <a href="">Cheap RS Gold</a> be happy about, as both their consoles are still selling very well in North America. And, with both consoles slated to get more and more support in high profile exclusives and multiplatform titles in the upcoming months, things should get


 even better.On the software side, Call of Duty: Ghosts is still going strong, taking the top yet again. The LEGO Movie Videogame came in second, proving that the LEGO brand is still very strong. It also doesn't hurt when the movie your game is based on is the highest grossing movie of the year either. Since publisher Square Enix has not reported actual sales numbers for Thief we don't know whether a fourth place debut is good or bad news, but the title did receive mostly negative reviews


critics. It's also worth mentioning that developer Eidos Montreal recently let 27 staff members go, but they claimed that was merely a natural part of the development cycle.Finally, it's worth mentioning that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze sold about 130,000 units in its first eight days of release, making it the fourth best selling SKU (individual platform release) for the month. On a similar note, the Wii U saw a 25% increase in sales in

 Every year about this time gamers begin to RS Gold shift their focus from the older Call of Duty franchise entry, in this case Ghosts, to the new one, in this case Advanced Warfare. Despite that, though, the Call of Duty: Ghosts machine is still trucking along, and just recently released its third DLC pack, titled Invasion, for Xbox platforms.As we have done with the past two DLC map pack releases, and those for Black Ops 2, we have put together a walkthrough video featuring a closer look at all four new


maps. These aren’t meant to be RS3 Gold  videos featuring gameplay, but rather a chance to see the layout of each map without concern for opponents or explosions.By now most gamers are familiar with Invasion's selection, but for those who might not be, here's a quick rundown. The four maps included with the pack are titled Mutiny, Departed, Pharaoh, and Favela, and they are small and medium-sized maps that focus on detail more than scope.If we're picking favorites, Mutiny is easily the best map


of the bunch. Its layout and design are unique for a decade-old franchise, and it proves that there are still plenty of themes for multiplayer maps to explore. Granted, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag may be the frontrunner when it comes to pirate ship-themed video game content, but this new map for Ghosts deserves to be in the conversation.The upgraded version of Favela deserves mentioning simply because it calls to mind Call of Duty's heyday, back when every subsequent release was a


culture event. Later releases couldn't truly top the hype that surrounded those early last-gen releases, and none were arguably greater (in terms of anticipation) than Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, while previous upgrades of older COD maps have featured either a new design style or an expanded layout, Favela is nothing more than a visual upgrade for the same MW 2 map. On the one hand, it's nice to see the map exactly as we remembered it, even if it does feel like a waste not to at least try to

, extremely fun to RS Gold play. Score: 8/10 PlayStation Lifestyle (Chandler Wood): Destiny is a great prologue, but it is still just a prologue. It’s like telling somebody all about Middle Earth; the races, the lands, the set up for the story, but not telling them of Bilbo’s adventures in The Hobbit or the fellowship’s journey in The Lord of the Rings. While it is not the story, there is a certain pull to Destiny that keeps me coming back for more. Score: 8.5/10 Escapist (Jim Sterling): At its core, Destiny is an MMO, in a derivative science


universe. That said, it did keep its hooks into RS3 Gold me for hours upon hours at a time, so it's certainly doing something right. Score: 3/5 Wired (Matt Kamen): As shooters go, it's hard to fault, and its world and lore does beg to be explored further. Let's just hope that involves a touch more creativity and experimentation than is on display here. Destiny doesn't quite live up to the hype, but that it's as enjoyable as it is in spite of those impossible expectations speaks to its overall quality. Score: 7/10 Yahoo! Tech (Ben Silverman): Destiny is


, slick, and finely tuned, a technical knockout and a calling card for what big video game money can do. But it’s also strangely repetitive, occasionally empty, and saddled with a story only its author could love. Score: 4/5 What do you make of the reviews? Will you be adding this to your next-gen collection without hesitation, or do the criticisms give you pause? Sound off in the comments. Why Ice Climbers Were Cut from the New 'Super Smash Bros.' Games. Nintendo fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Super Smash Bros. for 3D


characters is that the team behind Super Smash Bros. had the fighters up and running on the Wii U version of the game, but seemingly dropped them with the intent of having the same roster across both platforms.Despite many players wishing for the arctic-themed duo's return, Sakurai didn't make incorporating the Ice Climbers into the game a priority since the series in which they originate is more or less dead in the water – with no plans, reboots or announcements in sight.Admittedly, it's sad to

game systems, which are re-combinable.The game is currently being developed for PC, though it could potentially become multi-platform.The game to rs gold will include performances from voice actors, but [we] have to write them very differently so smaller chunks recombine in meaningful ways. Lots of headscratching.As for what the game won't be:It won't be set in any existing game universe.It's not a Freedom Force game ( That's still in my back pocket.)There probably won't be a lighthouse.It won't use Telltale Games' style. ( It's add IN, not add on.

Think civ expansion packs.)It won't have a three-act structure ( More like chapters.)It won't be showcased at E3 ( That's not the way we want to share it with people.)Levine said that he wants to have an open development approach to OSRS fire cape making the game, so we can expect to learn plenty more details as development continues. He also hinted that more questions would be answered at this year's PAX East, where he will be on a couple of panels.

It seems like the game will end up drawing on elements from Dragon Age: Inquisition and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, both of which were huge successes in 2014, as well as the oft-referenced Sid Meier's Civilization. The passion system that's being planned sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun to play within the context of an RPG, and we're definitely looking forward to finding out more. Ken Levine 'Battlefront' Will Let You Live Out Most Memorable 'Star Wars' Fantasies. It's coming.Gamers have been waiting over five years

for the next entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series -- closer to a decade, if you discount mobile and portable spinoffsbut the next entry in the acclaimed squad-based multiplayer shooter franchise is finally on its way. In production at Battlefield developer DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront should make its way to store shelves in December, 2015, just in time for J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII.DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have been fairly tight to
 especially considering that, traditionally, Rainbow Six to only sell around 3 million units, yet Ubisoft's most recent big shooter, Far Cry 4, has sold over 7 million copies to date. Furthermore, Far Cry 4 was available on PS3 and Xbox 360, while Rainbow Six will not.Ubisoft hopes to accomplish this goal by investing heavily into post-launch support for Rainbow Six Siege. They don't believe that Rainbow Six Siege will surpass the sales of Far Cry 4 right away, but rather, it will reach that point over a long period of time,

meaning they expect Siege to have a much longer life than most current games tend to do. As Guillemot himself said during the call, It's very important to cheap rs gold  consider that this game will continue to live for a long time as we will introduce new content on a regular basis because it will be a multiplayer game.What this translates to is that Ubisoft is not necessarily planning on pumping out more Rainbow Six sequels as the console generation goes on, but rather they plan on supporting the base game of Rainbow Six Siege with DLC and

content updates in order to extend its life. This is a nice change of pace from the company, as their annual release schedules for franchises like Assassin's Creed have not exactly done favors for their public perception.This news may convince those unsure of the game's extremely impressive gameplay trailer to pick it up. After all, this reassures consumers that their purchase won't be immediately outdated by a new game in the series. However, the amount of content included in the package on day one is going to be paramount to the initial success of Rainbow Six: Siege, and expect to hear more about it at E3 next month, as well as news on the possible closed beta that is rumored to be taking place later this year.

 Rainbow Six Siege will be available at some point in the fall 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Rumors indicate that it will actually release specifically on October 16th, but a more concrete release date will likely come during Ubisoft's E3 press conference in June. GameSpot How Each Area in 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' Will Feel Distinct. As is often the case with Assassin's Creed, the open-world that's featured within each core installment is absolutely massive, and – to the surprise of very few – the same can be expected from the newly announced to
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